Be Curious

be curious

‘You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore’, Christopher Columbus

The 10th October is Mental Health Awareness Day and as promised for the next five weeks I’m going to be posting about one of the five components of promoting good mental health. This week I’m going to focus on being curious.

Mindfulness starts by allowing ourselves to be rooted in the present. How often do we allow ourselves to explore where we are with any depth? So this week I challenge you to be curious and play your life like Final Fantasy (some of you may need to look up that reference… Ed). Set an alarm for any moment of the day, whether it is during a lunch hour or on your daily commute or an alternative to the goggle box (your TV, not the programme. Ed). On hearing the alarm allow yourself to become fully awake and aware and switch your mind to explore mode. Turn up all your senses and saturate your brain with everything you are feeling.


It’s time to experiment! Ever wondered what was down that little alley on the way to work? Or wanted to try a skinny chai tea latte with extra foam? Or wondered what a kangaroo burger tastes like? (yes, they do exist! Ed) Then take a leap of faith this week and turn on your inner Christopher Columbus. Spice up your life a little and try something new. Treat your life like a massive online RPG platform and just feel free to explore and level up before you enter that particularly difficult dungeon with that boss you’ve been trying to kill (any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental! Ed)


When you learn to tune into the world, the world will tune into you. And a little change in your routine is sometimes what you need to revitalised your mind. Exploration is one of our primal urges, but it is bred out of most of us in later life when we become hardened by our routines and chained to what we believe our life should be. But with just a little curiosity we can gain glimpses to what else is out there and how wonderful would it be to feel as free as a child again?


So the challenge is to post your reflections, stories and photos on my blog and share one complete moment of your life with the world. Be curious, explore and take another path.



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