Counselling for Autism Spectrum Conditions

I understand the stress of school life on a child with autism. Issues with social interaction and communication can leave a child feeling isolated and ‘different’. There can also be internal struggles with the school’s understanding of their needs.

Schools can be overwhelming for children on the spectrum due to sensory needs or not feeling they fit in. Only 1% of the UK population is autistic, however, mental health conditions are much more common in people with nearly 80% of people on the autism spectrum affected compared to the general population.

Anxiety affects 40% of autistic people and depression 30% (National Autistic Society). Because much of the focus can be on dealing with autism, or because mental health conditions can be hidden behind autism, not enough emphasis is placed on supporting the mental wellbeing of the child or young person with autism. It can also be very difficult working with someone with autism for many reasons:

  • It can take a long time to establish a therapeutic relationship
  • The young person may not be able to communicate how they are feeling
  • They may not understand how they are feeling
  • They may not be able to connect their emotions to external factors
  • The emphasis may always be on managing behaviour rather than understanding emotion and this may take some time to resolve

I work with the child to develop ways of understanding their needs to help them cope better with their emotions. I am available to work with the child at home within the East London area. As a parent of a child with these very needs I am highly aware of and focused on the core issues that affect children and families. I can therefore deliver my work looking at the family as a whole to ensure the best outcome for your child.

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