Five Ways to Good Mental Health

wayoutI don’t like the term mental health. We are all so diverse in our thinking how are we to calculate what is good or bad mental health. I like to consider myself as neurodiverse, that I am diverse in the way my brain works as compared to someone else. This doesn’t mean that I am mentally ill or have an immediate need to ‘adjust’ or ‘fix’ my brain or my thinking. I just means that I’m different, and that’s more than okay.

So let’s remove the stigma from the term mental health and view this article a slightly different way. How can I declutter my brain so that I can feel happy? Well we need to think about what happy means. And unfortunately ‘happy’ is an abstract. It doesn’t have a solid, etched in stone meaning. And that’s the fundamental problem with ‘happiness’; it’s undefinable. So how are we to attain something that cannot be defined? How do we ‘touch’ happiness?

Pretty profound, eh? Well there is no true answer to this. Anyone that says there universal panacea for sadness is trying to sell you something! However, there are five steps you can take to allow yourself some inner peace. Over the next five weeks I’m going to be dedicating posts that explore each one and to explain how they can bring you, and those around you, a more positive life experience. None of them cost anything and you don’t lose anything by trying them.

Some may not be for you. Some may even make you miserable! But the point isn’t to look for happiness in any of them. Just expose yourself to them and allow yourself  to be open to the possibility of enjoying something in each of them. You don’t have to force yourself to enjoy them, just try each on for size and put them back on the shelf is they don’t fit comfortably.

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