Crawl. Walk. Run. Fly…

When I tell people I’m a personal life coach I can physically see the confusion move like a wave across their face. I smile and tell them that a coach is just someone who guides people to their goals.

A fuller definition of a life coach is someone that can empower people to achieve their aspirational goals. It is a person that lights the way when things get dark. Put like that it all seems so simple. However the journey to the things you want in life is often a little bumpy.

So why do people need a personal coach? Because sometimes we just need someone to listen, to help us declutter our minds and allow us space to think. In teaching, counselling and coaching I believe that with the right level of commitment anything is possible.

I also believe in the power of potential. Everyone has it, but few of us know what to do with it. We bounce from one experience to another not seeing the power we have to make extraordinary changes to ourselves and the people around us. Potential is that magic ingredient that can transform us from being who we are to who we want to be. 

In my work I have to believe anyone can be whatever they want to be, otherwise what is the point in coaching? 

Potential is a lot like gold. It needs to be mined and purified. That takes effort, patience and commitment. But the rewards and the possibilities are endless. So I’ll post little nuggets to help you find your potential. Follow me on twitter @dainsideme and check out my Blog for insights into motivating yourself and finding inner peace.

The journey to you starts with you. My role is simple: to empower you to release the inner you.

Oran Blackwood, LCH coach