The Mind Machine

A computer is a logical machine. It is precise and methodical. It keeps on doing what it thinks it should be doing, even if the outcome is gobbledygook. It is unwavering, uncompromising and pragmatic. It can’t be any other way, because it can’t see outside what it is asked to do. It doesn’t ask for advice. It doesn’t seek help. It just keeps going. The only thing that stops a computer going mad is the fact it doesn’t feel. It doesn’t see what it is doing is a waste of time. It doesn’t see it’s life as meaningless.

You are not a computer. You don’t have to be logical or precise or methodical. But at times you find that you keep on doing what you think you should be doing, even when the outcome is gobbledygook. You are unwavering, uncompromising and pragmatic in your limiting beliefs. It can be another way, because you can see outside what you are convinced you must do. You can ask for advise. You can seek help. You can stop so that you don’t go mad, because you do feel. You don’t have to keep seeing what you are doing as a waste of time.  You don’t have to see your life as meaningless.