The Edge of Being

edgeofbeingMany of us wear lead boots. We drag our feet through life and every step is a burden. As we look around, when we can lift our eyes from our heavy steps, we often wonder, ‘How did I get here?’. At these points we may begin to realise that this is an endless, unforgiving road and all paths off the road seem to be blocked from us. 

This is when all the regrets come flooding in. Behind them we see momentary glimpses of the life we should have led, but even that is snatched from us the moment we reach out to grab it. This is the Edge of Being. The barriers that we have created are so dense that we find it difficult to see beyond them.

However, since we have created these barriers, we can break them down. But often it is difficult to see the possibilities when you have surrounded yourself with impossibilities. How do you break down a wall when you have no tools? Banging your hands against it often seems useless.

What we need to do is to remove these impossibilities by first arming ourselves with tools that allow us to break free from ourselves. 

And that is the journey. That first step away from the ‘me now’ to the ‘me I want to be’. It’s time to undo the laces of those lead boots, pick up that sledge hammer and break down those walls of impossibility!